Salih Abulgasim
B2B Copy and Content Writer


How can I – as an editor, ghostwriter, and researcher – help you?

What benefits will you get from working with me?

  • As an editor, I review your initial draft and suggest improvements.
  • As a ghostwriter, I write it for you. I present you with a draft for feedback, and I make changes to produce the final copy.
  • As a researcher, teacher, and trainer, I write and present your copy.

Web Copywriting:


You need your homepage pare down your copy to the critical ideas that sell your offering.

Product Page

You need product page that start selling quickly and effectively.

Sales Copy

You need compelling sales copy that gives your clients the push they need to buy from you.

Information page

You need to make sure your information page is content-rich.

Lead Magnet

You need a powerful lead magnet that will help boost your prospects list to let the selling begin.

Landing page

You need landing page relevant and critical to your clients’ bottom line.

Product Description

You need product descriptions that provide a clear explanation of your product or service that is geared toward your target audience. 

Subscription page

You need a page that converts cold traffic into leads.


You need a piece that helps you get close to prospects.


You need fantastic “add-on” services newsletters that are directed to your web clients and sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Blog posts

You need masterful posts so your clients keep coming back.

Social Media Updates & Strategy

You need Social media updates and strategy that help increase your visibility.

B2B Content: Direct-Response Copywriting


You need build new websites and overhaul existing ones.


You need case studies extend testimonials that convert prospects into customers.

Case studies

You need brochures that can be an invaluable aspect of the sales process.

White papers:

You need white papers as the right persuasive essays that serve as lead magnets.

Don’t see your project type listed here? No worries … shoot me an email with a brief explanation of what you need, and we’ll talk.