Salih Abulgasim
B2B Copy and Content Writer

What People Are Saying

Through my work as a supervisor of graduate programs and as an MBA faculty of business administration, and my involvement in preparation, evaluation, and arbitration of research and scientific messages I bear witness to Saleh’s interest in accuracy and detail. He is solid and understands the importance of his task and can productively use those skills without losing consistency and coherence.
… Saleh leads his team (graduate unit) effectively with clarity and concentration. And he can create a plan and adapt it to cross-sectional research issues and guide his group to a successful outcome, which is not only healthy for our customers but also for the team. He allows them to grow professionally to serve the research and organization at a highly professional level.

Badawi Osman Fadel, PhD,  Supervisor of Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Business Administration at Al-Baha University, Saudi Arabia

A real sense of pleasure enhances Saleh’s scientific research skills for his work. That is evident when communicating with him. Whether it is an individual or a group, his enthusiasm helps the public interact with him. He is serious about results and goals. And he is able to connect goals to results. His mission is genuine and also sincere.

Sideeg Basha, 20 years’ academic experience and university administrative work, a lecturer at College of Business Administration, Al Baha University

Saleh is one of the most determined and forward-looking researchers. I have enjoyed working with him. He is not afraid of time, he has energy, focus, stability, and reliability, and he has the ideal partnership of work.
Saleh’s unique strengths are organizing, perseverance, accuracy of analysis, ability to link results to the objectives and content of the research, and the ability to see the big picture alongside research review and arbitration. But it does not stop there. He offers his suggestions on research developing and that many people may not see.

Abdelhady Samani, PhD, Instructor at College of Business Administration, Baha Saudi Arabia

I have worked with a number of writers and researchers in the field of business management and marketing…The most scientific partnership has been with Dr. Saleh, the associate professor of business administration; I’ve seen his deep scientific and moral qualities. He works very seriously and is keen on quality work and excellence, Dr. Saleh is a good builder of relationships with colleagues and harnesses these relationships in the interests of work. We have both a friendship and a working relationship. We’ve jointly authored books, which benefited me a lot–similar to painting art. I therefore give him these words, and I wish him well in supporting science and education students.

Mahmoud Afif, PhD, instructor in marketing department, College of Business Administration, Al Baha University.

Saleh has two important characteristics: authenticity and transparency. That means:
He loves what he does and shows that in how he acts, communicates, and performs his work.
He is constant in finding what people need in order to do their best.
He then helps them achieve their goals. He is one of the most respected people in the education industry.

Al-Mahi M. Ahmed, PhD, 15 years’ experience in business administration, Canadian College-Sudan, and  Al Baha, Saudi Arabia