Salih Abulgasim
B2B Copy and Content Writer

Why Me?

I specialize in creating authentic content that engages your reader.

So, I help educational companies and publishers to write marketing content and lead generation pieces.

Unlike most business writers, I was a teacher, and researcher, for 25 years.  This means that I understand the needs of educators and students, and I can hit the ground running, with no handholding.

Before I became an editor and ghostwriter, I worked for nearly 20 years in education (teaching and training) at various universities and for nonprofit organizations. During that time, I taught creative and business writing, marketing and research.

So my specialty is business, which includes editing or ghostwriting 

educational copy in your voice in proposals, research papers, essays, books, and reviews – however you prefer to share your ideas.

What differentiates me?

I have worked with many types of writers, from beginners to well-established professionals.

I always stay aware of current trends and bring a complete package of skills, as your “guide to success,” in editing and reviewing, and in teaching and training business professional audiences. I offer:

  • Strong track record in Business and Marketing

You need to get the attention of your potential buyers, and my background in business and marketing I can craft a compelling argument that speaks to your market.

  • Research, training and consulting experience

You need to dependably bring a project to completion, and my experience of 15 years performing deep training, researches, and consultations help me to hit the ground running and help draw prospects deeper into your sales funnel.

  • A resource of my clients

In an industry in which companies struggle to find creative, dependable freelancers, my clients stick with me for years. So, I’d love to also serve as your long-term resource.

As an editor, I do lot editing and book editing, and for me, it always looking for ways and maybe as a first of view it can ring out that is fine to get money needless words as possible as any extra.

My Training as a Writer

My direct response copywriting and B2B marketing professional training with American Writers and Artists Inc. has included:

Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, B2B Programs, Freelance Website in Four Days, Getting Clients, Web Copywriting 2.0, and Conversational Copywriting.